Group Health Insurance

Why use Waugh Agency, LLC for your group health insurance?

Waugh Agency, LLC provides an elite level of service for your company’s group health insurance plan.

  • Group health insurance needs and utilization assessment: determine whether a traditional health plan, a Consumer Directed Health Plan, an employer self funded plan, a defined contribution private exchange, or a combination strategy is the best use of your health care dollars.
  • Full time service and support: we handle claims issues, enrollment, billing, employee education and plan review on an ongoing basis
  • Compliance with Federal and State statutes: ERISA Wrap documents, COBRA administration, IRC Section 4980H (Employer Shared Responsibility), IRC Section 6055 & 6056 (information reporting under the Affordable Care Act)
  • Access to Private Exchanges, as well as Federal and State health insurance marketplaces.
  • Rates and plans from all major carriers.

Secure, Fast, Trusted.

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Waugh Agency analyzes your group health insurance utilization to implement CDHC, traditional, and self funded group health insurance.
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